Learning Big Things With Little People

Presented by Carly McDonald

Carly takes you on a whirlwind tour of early learning in a busy music studio. You’ll learn the pitfalls and secrets to successfully creating a new, engaging preschool program and how it has changed the way our little people learn music.


Carly McDonald is a highly regarded Australian piano pedagogue and presenter, seeking to connect teachers with creative ideas and strong business acumen.

Carly established her music studio, Novar Music, in 2005. In addition to teaching, she manages 25 teachers in 5 locations across South Australia.

As author of blog Creative.Piano.Professional, Carly provides thought leadership in early music education and studio business.

She is the Creative Editor of The Piano Teacher magazine, Editor of The Piano Teacher Hub Australia, Australian Ambassador for the Piano Adventures series by Randall and Nancy Faber and co-editor of the “I Want To Play That” piano series.

She is passionate about working with students to develop a strong foundation of skills for self-expression throughout their lives.